Posted by J on Nov 20th 2020

What's The Big Deal About Polarized Lenses?

You are in the market for a new pair of sunglasses. You already know what brand you want but are not sure whether to buy polarized or non polarized lenses. You decide to do a search and are overwhelmed by what your search engine returns. There are an endless number of websites and videos all about the subject of polarized lenses. When it comes down to it, the decision is a personal preference. Read on for our answers to some common questions regarding polarized lenses.

What are polarized lenses?

Here is where a lot of sites dive deeply into the science and history of polarized lenses but we will not do that. Very simply, polarized lenses eliminate or reduce glare from horizontal surfaces like water, the road and snow.

Do I need polarized lenses?

Polarized lenses are great if you are a busy outdoorsman, an active outdoor athlete or spend a lot of time in high-glare situations, such as driving. They can help you see more clearly and improve color perception in some situations.

Are polarized lenses better for my eyes?

Polarized lenses do not provide additional protection from UV rays, so they do not offer anything that benefits your overall eye health. They do, however, reduce eyestrain.

What are the negatives about polarized lenses?

One negative is that reading LCD screens, such as a fuel pump, can be very difficult. Also, some people experience occasional dizziness or complain of headaches when wearing sunglasses with polarized lenses.

Polarized lenses are more expensive. Is it worth the extra cost?

The cost difference between polarized and non-polarized is not drastic in most sunglass lines. You will pay a bit more but if polarized lenses make your life better, then it is absolutely worth the extra cost.

Any additional advice regarding polarized lenses?

If you have never owned a pair of sunglasses with polarized lenses then try it out. That is the only way of knowing if it's for you or not. Remember, offers Free Shipping and 30 Day Free Returns!